Hubert Bush (“Hugh”) uses woodworking and/or metal welding to assemble his art objects – from intimate tabletop pieces to monumental works weighing several tons.

Bush was born in NYC to a Cuban mother and American father; he has a BA from the University of Vermont, and he also studied at Columbia, NYU and the Arts Students League in NYC.

Bush has been a Florida resident since 2009 and works out of a warehouse in an industrial section of Liberty City. He typically builds dynamic geometric abstractions transforming wood and steel, making shapes that vibrate with energy. Combing scrap metal yards, auto mechanic shops and casting a wide net on the internet, Bush sources secondhand tools, appliances and machine parts which he regenerates and enlists to animate his sculptures.

He is a trustee of the Bass Museum and has been head of their collections/acquisitions committee for ten years.

His artwork has been/ will be exhibited at:

ICA Miami (sculpture acquired for permanent collection) scheduled for exhibition in 2020.
The Bunker, Palm Beach, FL/ (acquired for permanent collection)2019
Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach, FL/ Solo exhibition 2015
Central Fine, Miami Beach, FL/ Solo exhibition 2015
Gavlak Gallery, Palm Beach FL/ 2013
Loretta Howard Gallery, NY, NY/ 2011
Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati, OH/ (acquired for permanent collection)2011
Gallery Met, NY, NY/ 2008