you were an awkward teenager

standing isolated on the lawn

thin limbs tentatively outstretched
by the water

but in a series of summer spurts
you morphed

avoiding disease and natural calamity
becoming proud and muscular

youthful un-remarkability
replaced by …continue reading.


I knew what had to be done,
I researched and researched

how to go about it
which tools to use

to be clear
the burden had grown

there are three sets of
taunting stairs in
the …continue reading.


I’m happier than I’ve
ever been

a gnarled twisted

grown into a chain-link fence

my teeth are chipped
razor sharp

I could bite off your finger

take a hunk out of your back

my face is contorting
folding in …continue reading.

The Dinner Party

pushing food around on my plate
pretending to eat
I’m not, despite appearances,
actually at the table

Laila my border collie mix
knows this,

head resting on paws
eyes following my every move

a dinner for twelve
round …continue reading.